About me

In May 2011, I went on a 4-month holiday through Latin America, that turned into 13 months.

Essentially, I chose backpacking over being a proper grown-up. It’s not a choice that most women in their early 40s would make.

This blog is about meeting everyday people & hearing their extraordinary stories. It’s about about eating things I never imagined & dancing to music I don’t know the words to.

It’s about my life on the road: a series of big adventures, small pleasures & happy accidents.

Even though I’m home now, I still have a few more travel posts to come. After that, I’ll very likely keep writing, as I am seeing everything now with fresh eyes.

So sign up, live vicariously, and don’t forget to send through any complaints, compliments and pasta-sauce recipes to chelle1811@gmail.com



6 responses to “About me

  1. Go Chellie – you lovely chic!

  2. winner winner chicken dinneeeeeerrrr!!!!! if you hit up colombia, let me know 😉

  3. Hi Chelli – Hope you’re having a ball! Hugs and kisses, Sib :-)xx

  4. Love from me to you ‘Chelle. Stephen xxoo

  5. I saw your post on Mamamia – it was beautiful! I hope you find what you’re looking for 🙂 I also found your planned 4 month that turned into 13 month backpacking trip inspiring – I love travel too!

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