Computer games

So, this is my first post using my new little netbook, which I am freaking excited about, folks. I will admit the iPad is a bit sexy, and you can do the swipey thing with your fingers and that looks kinda cool for about a minute but then the screen gets all smudgey and then it’s just annoying.

The iPad a bit like a young Eastern suburbs girl who goes to Randwick Races all dressed up, but then ends up walking home trashed with her heels in her hand. She looks to be a bit of an alright on first glance, but really she’s a bit tarty, pretty superficial, and deep down inside she’s just a bit stupid.

I mean, the iPad is just a glorified web browser. A big iPod (why anyone would need a big iPod is beyond me). She’s a storage unit. Without a freaking USB port. And she can’t do more than one thing at time, which in my eyes, renders her a bit of a retard.

I say this, having spent the past few months on the road with an iPad and, look: it was a gift from a very generous friends of mine, and it did allow me to start writing and stay in touch and i don’t want to seem to ungrateful… BUT:
The upsides of my new purchase include having a proper keyboard to type on! being able to use the bits of WordPress which aren’t iOS-friendly (ie, incorporating search tags, uploading images, linking to stuff, etc! being able to use Office instead of dumbarse Pages and Numbers! being able to edit and upload photos easily! being able to see my friends when i Skype them! and being able to view websites (read, porn) with flash!!!

I can’t think of any downsides. As in none.

I justified the purchase by saying it would make completing my TEFL course easier (and it did), but mainly i bought it because i want to do more than the iPad will allow me. Especially when it comes to blogging and sharing photos of my travels.

iPads are shithouse. There i said it. Rant over.

(Scott, thank you – but she’s coming home in a box.)

Oh, and for those of you who are reading because you want to hear about me doing cool stuff in places you’ve never heard of. Stay tuned. Posts with tags and pictures and links and all sorts of features to come x


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  1. You watch porn with Flash??

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