Since I’ve begun traveling, I have stopped:

wearing beauty products, except deodorant
wearing makeup, save for a little mascara and sometimes lipgloss
weighing myself daily
reading the horoscopes in the hope that someone else thinks today is going to be a good day
wearing 12cm stilettos
setting the alarm (I’m naturally waking up around 6 most mornings)
watching shit television
worrying about things I haven’t got or haven’t done
fretting over petty issues with petty people
losing sleep over loser boys
trying to understand office politics
running for public transport
being a coffee snob

With the exception of the last item, i think these are good things. On the other hand I have also stopped:

exercising (unless you count walking at snail’s pace, everywhere)
eating home cooked meals (although this is all about to change, as I have a proper kitchen until the end of September!)
eating vegetables (capsicum & onion are NOT the only vegetables, Latin America)

All in all, reckon I’m coming up on top!

6 Sept


4 responses to “Stop!

  1. Great stuff Michelle.. you sound so happy & relaxed in all your posts – I’m v. happy for you. I think a lot of us need some time in Latin America!

  2. This sums up the best bit about travelling….Losing yourself!

  3. Or finding yourself 🙂

  4. Just when I thought I was becoming okay with coffee snobbery…

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