I had a dream, Joe

“Everyone believes that the main aim in life is to follow a plan. They accumulate experiences, memories, things, other people’s ideas, and it is more than they can possibly cope with. And that is why they forget their dreams.” Paulo Coelho

I read this today with some interest. I’m not sure if i’m taking him too literally but it caused me to ask, ‘How would I define a dream?’ I think a dream CAN be about an experience (scaling Mount Everest), be associated with things (to build a school) or inspired by other people’s ideas (to travel into space)… I also believe that if a dream becomes a goal, then it will need a plan of sorts.

Does Paulo simply mean that we need to be crystal clear on what our dreams are.

If we have only one… Does the dream become a passion?

I’ve had two close encounters with people with a passion. I was in a long-term relationship with a musician, who couldn’t wait to get home every day to spend a good hour or 3 mucking around on a guitar that he made himself. I used to love cooking dinner and listening to him sing. I also dated a guy who was mad about machines. Cars in particular, and he would bore everyone senseless with the finer details of how things worked. It drove me balmy, but i loved that he just didn’t know when to stop.

I’ve always envied those who are really passionate about just one thing. It’s that primary reason why they race home ‘after school’, why they want to turn off the television, why sometimes they don’t even want to go out. They would rather gain more knowledge or practice their craft.

I’ve always considered myself a passionate person. But I’ve never had a single passion, a one thing that keeps me focused, and that absolutely drives me. The upside is I can and do have many dreams.

Do people with just one all-consuming passion, have to sacrifice having other dreams?

Is there such a thing as too many? I started making a list of things I’ve dreamt about doing. It looks like a Bucket List. Which is more of a To Do Before I Die List. Is the Bucket List just new nomenclature for Dreams? Or are we talking something different?

Anyway, in no particular order, these are some of my Dreams. Maybe my Passion will find me in this list.

Travel around Australia in a caravan with the love of my life when I’m old & crinkly
Finish seeing all of Malaysia
Do some further traveling around South East Asia (eg, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia)
Live in QLD
Work & live overseas in a major city (eg, NYC or maybe Dubai)
Be able to hold a conversation in Spanish
Learn Italian
Get published.
Build a house for someone
Try my hand at teaching / training
Go to the Galapagos Islands
Learn how to fly a chopper!
Learn how to play a musical instrument
Take singing lessons
Produce art for my own amusement
Make a human
Help them become good at being human
Be better at it, myself.
Learn the Argentine Tango
Do the world’s finest off the back of a hot Columbian boy
Dive with Beluga whales
Take the Trans-Siberian Rail
Incorporate yoga / pilates / some other gentle core strength building exercise into my life
Dine at Tetsuya’s
Help celebrate Martin’s 40th in Scotland
Take one of those fancy pants cycling tours in the Italian wine country with some friends for my 50th
Master cooking the national dish of 7 of my favourite countries
Spend the night in a lighthouse
Go to Burning Man
Hire a house in Spain for a month
Try my hand at set design in an amateur play or short film
Try heli-skiing
Spend an entire week in a lush spa resort with Lynnie
Sponsor a child’s education
Learn to cook my mama’s laksa, curry and satay
Get Dad using a computer & try diving
Learn how to make my own earrings
Do a Voice Over course, get a showreel and and earn money from it
Go to Tamworth Country Music Festival
Learn how to invest
Print and organize my photos
Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
See the Rolling Stones before Keith dies
Swim in all major remaining bodies of water (the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean)
Rescue a Really Cool Dog
Visit the place where my Chinese grandparents were born
Record their story as told by mum
Swim with dolphins in their natural environment quite by accident
Fall in love one last time

These are some of the things that I’ve already accomplished that would have made this list had i created it alot earlier. Plus a few cool things I didn’t know I wanted to do, until I did them.

Go to Europe, starting in Turkey and ending in Morocco
Give up smoking
Learn how to scuba dive
Swim with Whale Sharks
Go sky-diving
Dive with colonies of sharks
Dive with seals
Take up ocean swimming
Complete a sprint triathlon
Complete a 5km swim
Complete a 11km run
Cross the Nullabor by train
Volunteer with seriously ill children
Shave my head
Go to Gracelands
Go to Glastonbury
Take surfing lessons
Take art lessons
Live on an island
Publish a book of poetry
Organize a major fundraiser
Go hang-gliding


3 responses to “I had a dream, Joe

  1. Girl, you are an inspiration. I love this list (especially the birthday part). I’m going to do my own list soon… Love it!

    So great to feel part of your adventure thanks to this blog. X

  2. hey luv, are you gonna try and squeeze in any more of your list..? Galapagos? Tango? Columbian?

  3. @silvia – f’sure. i’m nowhere near done yet althought funds are beginning to look a little less healthy. I’m aiming ot be in colombia by end of this month. not sure i’ll get as far south as argentina. we’ll see x

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